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Ten years ago, in Brisbane, Australia, a group of young men were drawn together by a mutual appreciation and unusual combination of jazz, funk, alcohol and 18th Century Russian and Czech writers. The music that came forth was instantly their own, dynamic, rhythmic, quirky and soul full, thus Kafka was formed.

Ever expanding and contracting, the core of Kafka is four dedicated artists, guitarist Lachlan Mitchell, saxophonist Darcy McNulty, bassist Tom Hinchliffe, and drummer Dominic Hede. Featuring in a number of superb bands such as the Gypsy band Doch, Bobby Flynn and the Omega Three, Reggae group Kooii and the intriguing Mr Laneous & The Family Yah. Kafka have earned their own fantastic reputation for their brilliant live shows, relentless gigging and hold the leading light of Brisbane’s emerging soul-funk scene.

Kafka’s original style of rich Soul, Afro-Beat, Jazz and heavy Funk comes from years of playing on the downtown streets, jiving small crowded bars, and living the blues. Lately the band has been exploring the hidden realms of psychedelic Rock and Hip Hop. Musically they all share a prodigal competency for their instruments and an almost psychic ability to read each others minds when improvising. In fact, improvisation is what makes them such an exceptional band as each time you see them is a new and fresh experience. Sometimes performing as a 15 piece extravaganza but often as 4 or 7, Kafka can perform on any stage.

As a 7 piece Kafka launched their debut self-titled album with a smashing Australian Tour. The album itself lovingly crafted and recorded by Misha Laurent with the added support and engineering skills from legendary Resin Dogs percussionist and producer Dave Atkins. It features all the roaring Afro-Funk traits of their live show plus some from their smoother side. Renowned UK Dj and producer Gilles Peterson of BBC Radio 1 has featured Kafka on his prestigious radio show and the song ‘The Kafka Anthem’ came second place in Gilles’ Worldwide ‘Best Tracks of 2009′(Part 1).

Kafka’s impressive gig history includes dates at: Woodford Folk Festival, Brisbane Festival, The Speigeltent, The Valley Fiesta, The West End Festival, The Island Vibe Festival, Straight Out of Brisbane Festival, Brisbane International Film Festival (Live Score), the Carnival on Collins in Cairns and the Valley Jazz Festival.

Kafka Album
Kafka Afro innay
Kafka Remixed

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