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Kafka on Brownswood

To sum up this album we will have to first mention that “KAFKA”, can vary in numbers. You could catch four of them in a tiny club in Fortitude Valley, or sweat your dancing shoes to the full blown 15 piece orchestra.
Some street poetry introduces the album and flows into a short relaxed groove, then, it all starts…

“Lucifers Redemption” showcases the amazing layering techniques of vocalist Lachlan Mitchell & some superbly realized horn arrangements from Darcy Mcnulty.
“Themes of Delvechio” reveals some funky psychedelic rock influences, reminding us of a band of gypsies flow. From there a straight up afro-latin sizzler, “Afo Innay” which has been chosen for the A side of their 7 inch release.

In this one, the call and respond horns and the percussion send you into a dance frenzy. Releasing the tension, we then listen to a drum part “Hand Solo”, compressed to the max! Could very much be DJ Shadows next stolen break! “The Track Whisperer” is touching the darker side of their moon to then lead into “Illumination” featuring Kel and Mr Laneous, two of the greatest soul voices around here! “Messin”, takes you through a political journey making you aware of the impact we have on our world. Conscious thoughts are the very core of this review!

Afro Moses is featured next on “Release Your Belief”, we can witness a great “High life” influenced jam with one of the most respected Ghanian music ambassadors. Then, time to slow things back down, and introduce “Baboon Slap featuring Peter Hunt from “KOOII”. You can tell the band is as tight as …..! “Fire no Burn” is some pure dancing material with heavy horns and Kel again sweating things up.
As we almost close the door, we have to remind you that “KAFKA” can also sit on a groove and get your head rocking back and forth with a smile the size of Jocker’s!

AAAAHHHH, “The Kafka Anthem” is the sort of composition that I listen to if I need to forget about the world, horns, flute, vocal harmonies merge in a sweet little tune. Finally, “Sister” finishes with the same groove used to start the album to bring it full circle. All I can suggest is, keep it goin round!!

Also available digitally here


Investigations of a giant squid

Lucifers Redemption

Themes of Delvechio

Afro Innay

Hand Solo

The Track Whisperer



Release your Belief

Baboon Slap

Fire No Burn


Kafka Anthem


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