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Kafka on Brownswood

Here’s a little background to understand why we decided to release this amazing record.

I met James about 5 years ago, a couple of weeks after my arrival in the Blue Mountains and we connected immediately. James is an incredible musician and avid vinyl lover who has an ear for some of the most beautiful melodies I have ever heard. 
After sharing some time together, James passed on his cd for me to listen to, and it was a revelation.

Despite the enormity of the recording process, James only ever printed a few 100 copies of the cd and never really pushed it.. The reason I suppose is that James is an artist…not driven by money or a need for fame. A true artist to the bones.

The second I put that cd in my car stereo, my family was mesmerized with the vibe the music was perspirating. That thing was on repeat for 12 months in the car.
 The kids really got attached to track 3, whilst my favorite is track 5. The violin screams in the background and the beautiful vocals take you to an amazing sensation of love and desperation for goodness.

I can hear so many influences in this masterpiece, from the Beatles, to Bjork, Supertramp to Portishead and a lot of Nino Ferrer, all mashed up in a powerful emotional collection.

I remember one day James expressing to me he would love to get the album onto vinyl.. Time flew by as it does and then a year and half ago James came to me and said that his hand wouldn’t do what he wanted on his guitar, that he was going to do some tests.
 Shortly after James was diagnosed with motor neuron disease, and his health deteriorated very quickly.

Many people approached me about putting on a party for James to raise funds for him and his family’s difficult journey. Whilst that was a financial necessity 
I was looking for something more, something to express powerfully who James was and what he meant to me. 
Suddenly I remembered about the vinyl comment he’d made and I immediately felt that was the perfect thing, making his musical legacy available on hardcopy.

Using a crowd funded website we managed to raise enough to master and finally press to vinyl “Jim Dead and the Army of Shadows”. Originally released in 2009 on a handful of cd’s this record tells a story from top to bottom and I feel it is imperative you listen to it from beginning to end.

This is music James wrote and recorded when his little girl was born.
All profits are going to his 7 year old daughter Ava and loving wife Peta, who has done an amazing job on the artwork.


Misha Laurent MHR

Also available digitally here


Go Around Again

Pigs Eyes

And My Eyes Blurred

New Winter Morning

Til You See The Blinding Snow


Where Have All The Lovers Gone

Goodbye Holy Night

Lament Of The Rabbit King

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