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  • Fingers Malone
The Finger.

Fingers Malone

Producer, multi instrumentalist and film maker.

He divides his time between London and the quiet village of Fingal Head, Australia.

The sound of the ensemble could best be described as a cinematic mix of hip hop, jazz and dub. He released his first album “push” in 2010, a mixture of distorted drum machines, swirling synthesizers and old school keyboards. The album has been rocking road trips all over the world since its release and is available independently through

The recent live shows have been both delighting and bewildering London audiences as he switches between casio keyboards, live mpc playing and angry bass lines all with his rap singing over the top.

Currently you may also catch him playing drums/mpc and synthesizers for Ash Grunwald’s live show. Ash’s latest album “Hot Mama Vibes” was nominated for an Aria award and on the album fingers plays drums, mpc and keys and also has writing credits. When possible, he also plays drums for Gold Coast based band Laneway. You may even be unwittingly listening to some of his work for the London based film and television production label Pedigree Cuts. Songs from another recent project “The Royal Dealers” scored the Australian film “Our Generation”.

He produced The Winnie Coopers’ second album “Worth the Weight” and played drums in the band form 2006 to 2009.

A prolific artist, he is fast creating a backlog of his own work and plans to release 3 albums in the near future, one being a collection of the best remixes he has produced of other people’s songs over the last 5 years.

Afrodizziact Remixed

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