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The Dog. Misha Laurent aka “Barkin’Soul”, shares his passion for the soul of black music… from Spiritual Roots Reggae and Moody Jazz, Funk, to the raw sounds of Deep Funk and Afrobeat. His shows mix pumping rhythm and horn lines of the 60s and 70s, revisiting the Disco Electro party grooves of the 80′s and […]


The Finger. Producer, multi instrumentalist and film maker. He divides his time between London and the quiet village of Fingal Head, Australia. The sound of the ensemble could best be described as a cinematic mix of hip hop, jazz and dub. He released his first album “push” in 2010, a mixture of distorted drum machines, […]


The Fish Mr Fish & Paprika connected back in late 2006 as fresh Melbourne-town transplants, around a mutual appreciation of funky things on the afro/tropical & Brazilian & world beats and pieces tip. From initially sharing the odd Dj set together, to a decks/effects & percussion feature as part of the Melbourne Mo-Horizons support, they’ve […]